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Demolayout 2-rail
A 2-rail demolayout which support GT-command, and games GD1 and GD2 + more, and facilitates multiple trains and automations. To be folded for transportation. This layout using Lenz, but could be any Uhlenbrock, ESU, Märklin, Roco, TwinCenter etc. Size 196 x 107 cm inclusive borders. Transportation protected after folding. Can be in the back of a normal Stationcar. Notise the 2 wholes in the fold line for wires and PC's and monitors etc.

GamesOnTrack has released new Graphical layout in GT-Command

Gamesontrack has released V with a new graphical layout and a long-awaited release of specifically the graphical drive window. In the new version, the user is free to place and operate the window on eg. an extra big screen outside the actual top window and save it for next time.

The new graphical layout contains a number of details that enhance reading options and overview:
- Color selection for texts and background has been standardized. Texts are not hidden by, for example block symbols
- Scenarios and the like become a more distinctive color change between each other.
- Also try to utilize the overview menu in the drive-window (the one with the eye), much more easy for drive with only highlighting the actual blocks , all texts hidden, etc.

The version also offers the possibility to set an extended train stop function that stops the train progression on the emergency stop button - - in order to restart more quickly. This feature also removes and minimizes vehicles that drive with digital centrals from the drive window using the usual click. Users who drive trains without position transmitter but with a digital central cannot use this feature because it will delete the symbol if there is no transmitter.

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Voice Control
In cell phones voice control has been an option for some time, however very few people use it. The problem is that the model assumes you as a user to train the phone and learn the device your way of speaking. And you forget how you trained the phone, thus is does not work after a while again.
Gamesontrack is different. We use already spoken standard libraries created by 1000-4000 people from most parts of the country.
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Find the bug
For any model train enthusiasts wiring and cabling under the layout is a major challenge. Countless are the wire bundles, which from time to time have be scrapped when the layout is built on. And countless are the error searches where a problem must be found among a jungle of wires, where the color, the bundling, or the mark up is not up-to-date. But the worst is probably that many enthusiasts and many young people think it is too cumbersome, and therefore throws himself over the alternatives.

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How to automate
There are many ways to do automisation of a model railway layout. The traditional method deals with doing all the security stuff as a copy of the real railway. That means putting a lot of electronics under the tracks for how to adjust points, turnouts, occupation of blocks etc. Gamesontrack introduces a somewhat different method with focus on easiness and simplicity in order to get as much as possible to operate in a controlled way.
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