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Demolayout 2-rail
A 2-rail demolayout which support GT-command, and games GD1 and GD2 + more, and facilitates multiple trains and automations. To be folded for transportation. This layout using Lenz, but could be any Uhlenbrock, ESU, Märklin, Roco, TwinCenter etc. Size 196 x 107 cm inclusive borders. Transportation protected after folding. Can be in the back of a normal Stationcar. Notise the 2 wholes in the fold line for wires and PC's and monitors etc.


Toyfair 2019, you find us in 7A E18


GamesOnTrack A/S exhibits at the Toyfair 2019, this time for the 10th time in a row.We are proud about the innovation we have brought to the driving of model trains and...
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Satellites in houses


In Cologne 2018 we showed a firehouse with satellites inside. 2 satellites in each corner inside rules the trucks when they drive in and where to go on the first free of...
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New complete sender with 5x5 mm transducer Item 1302005


We have released the new 5x5x2 mm transmitter. The flat transducer is mounted on a roof and leads through a thin opening down to the board in the train. This is supplied...
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Summertime - time to build the garden layout


The layout was planned in the winter season. Materials, actual track in the garden, and design indoor/outdoor operation was performed. The small indoor back-up sections...
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New US stock with US radio model of GOT-products


We have established a US stock with our products available in the US radio model frequencies together with Reynaulds near Chicago . Due to som IT-problems they have no...
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New catalogue available as download


Our new 2018/19 catalogues is available as pdf download.
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Voice Control
In cell phones voice control has been an option for some time, however very few people use it. The problem is that the model assumes you as a user to train the phone and learn the device your way of speaking. And you forget how you trained the phone, thus is does not work after a while again.
Gamesontrack is different. We use already spoken standard libraries created by 1000-4000 people from most parts of the country.
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Find the bug
For any model train enthusiasts wiring and cabling under the layout is a major challenge. Countless are the wire bundles, which from time to time have be scrapped when the layout is built on. And countless are the error searches where a problem must be found among a jungle of wires, where the color, the bundling, or the mark up is not up-to-date. But the worst is probably that many enthusiasts and many young people think it is too cumbersome, and therefore throws himself over the alternatives.

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How to automate
There are many ways to do automisation of a model railway layout. The traditional method deals with doing all the security stuff as a copy of the real railway. That means putting a lot of electronics under the tracks for how to adjust points, turnouts, occupation of blocks etc. Gamesontrack introduces a somewhat different method with focus on easiness and simplicity in order to get as much as possible to operate in a controlled way.
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